Early Voting

Sept. 30 – Oct. 7

Election Day

October 14

United by Values

Louisiana Senate District 38 is one of the Strongest Faith Districts in America. We are United by Our Values: Faith, Family and Freedom. This is a People’s Campaign. We already know what happens when the PACs, Special Interests and Lobbyists Take Over: They Win – and We Lose.

This is Our Time to Lead.

No Learning Curve, No New Kid on the Block – but an Opportunity to Return to the Senate, and Continue Taking on PACs, Special Interests and Lobbyists. The Opportunity to Continue the Fight for Working Families, the Fight for Our Freedom – and the Fight for Our Future!

John Milkovich:
Action – Not Rhetoric

Standing Up for the Unborn

John Milkovich authored some of the Strongest Pro-Life Bills in America – including the Nationally Recognized Fetal Heart Beat Bill

Standing with Donald Trump

In 2018, John wrote a Book defending Donald Trump – and Exposing the Corruption of Robert Mueller and the Deep State Attempts to Derail the Presidency of Donald Trump

100% Pro Life, Pro Family, Voting Record

John Received a 100% Rating on his Voting Record from the Pro Life, Pro Family, Louisiana Family Forum – every year he was in the Senate: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Named the State’s Most Fiscally Conservative Senator

John was the only State Senator in the 2016 2020 Term to propose hundreds of Millions of Dollars of Spending Cuts from the Floor of the Senate; the only Senator to Vote Against Every Sales Tax Increase in 2018; and Voted Against Excessive State Budget 6 Times -more than any other Senator. In 2019, he was named Louisiana’s Most Fiscally Conservative State Senator.

Confronting Crime - Head On

John Milkovich was the only State Senator in the 2016-2020 Term to Introduce a Bill to Increase Jail Sentences for Violent Crimes. John consistently voted that if teenage gang members are big enough to do the Crime – They’re big enough to do the Time. He led the Fight to Defeat Furloughs for First Degree Murderers, on the grounds that they were “Primary Care Takers.” He Voted Against Early Release for Murderers, and Against Early Release for Teenagers who commit Murder.

REAL Insurance Reform

John fought against counterfeit Insurance reforms in 2019, as a Member of the Senate Judiciary A Committee. At the time, John warned against “reforms” pushed by the Insurance Industry, Insurance Lawyers and Insurance Lobbyists that cut our rights – but didn’t cut their rates. He took heat for standing up to the Insurance Industry – but later events proved him right: Insurance rates shot up 19% in the two years between 2020 and 2022.

REAL cuts in Insurance Rates will require REAL reforms:

  1. Its time to tie Insurance Premiums to Driving Behavior.
  2. Its time to bring back the Insurance Rating Commission, so that Insurance Rates are decided by a group of Individuals – and not a single Commissioner.
  3. The Commissioner needs to make the real numbers public, so we know whether Insurers are barely getting by – or making hundreds of millions of dollars of profit in Louisiana.

Protecting Our 2nd Amendment Rights

John is a Life Time Member of the NRA, who received an “A” Rating and an endorsement from the NRA in 2019, after 4 years in the Louisiana Senate. Because we have a Constitutional Right to defend Our Families and Our Freedom.

Fighting Common Core, Demanding School Safety, Standing Up for OUR Values in Education

There were 4 Bills filed to get rid of Common Core in the 2016-2020 Term. John Milkovich filed every single one of them. John filed Bills to Remove Violent Students; hold Bullies Accountable; protect Students from Mass Shootings. And John led the fight to defeat introduction of Sexually Graphic Content to Our Students.

Fighting for Seniors, Crime Victims, Professionals & Physicians – and the Family Farm

Citizens don’t often have the time and resources to live at the Capitol – to protect themselves from PACs, Special Interests, Lobbyists – and Professional Bureaucrats. So John fought for them, whether they were present – or at home in the District. John fought for the Right of Seniors to live in their Own Homes (SB 531 & SB532 ’18); for the Families of Crime Victims to have the Right to obtain Autopsy Records (SB241 ’16); for Professionals and Physicians to have Fairness and Due Process before Licensing Boards. (SB239 ’16; SB260 & SB186 ’18; SB 287 ’19) And he defeated the ridiculous regulations the State tried to impose on family farms. (SB244 ’16)

John Got It Done!

You can see John’s intentions and values through the bills that he’s written and introduced.

Addressed Violent Crime & Repeat Offenders Head-on

Keeping Government Out of Our Pockets

Fighting for Small Business

Join the Fight

Support John pursuing what’s best for District 38.

John Milkovich:
Fighting for Our Future


NO to Chinese Landgrabs

Communist China has no Place on Louisiana Soil – no Place on American Soil. The Communist Chinese are an existential threat to America – and a Threat to Freedom everywhere. John has been speaking out against the threat posed by Communist China – for over 20 years.

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NO to Violent Crime

The most Direct Answer to Violent Crime? Put Violent Criminals in Prison – and Hold them Accountable for their Acts. Repeal laws that allow teens to commit violent crime – and face no repercussions. Hire more Police. And let honest law enforcement professionals do their job, justly and within the law.

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NO to Skyrocketing Insurance Rates

Skyrocketing Insurance Rates make it difficult for Working Families and Seniors to make ends meet – especially with current rates of inflation. The tax man and the Insurance Company, are the business Partners of every Small Business, every Family-owned Business – and every Sole Proprietorship – but they never show up for work.

NO to Dominion Voting Systems – and Rigged Elections

Fair and Honest Elections are how Americans protect their freedoms. And fair and honest elections are in large part how Americans govern themselves – in a Democratic Republic.

The People need to win Every Election.

That means No to Dominion; No to Foreign Ownership of Voting Systems; Yes to Real Audits and Paper Ballots.

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NO to Vaccine Mandates

I am against Vaccine Mandates. I disagree with the Mandates that have been imposed upon Soldiers, employees and School Children. Medical Decisions should be made by you and your family in consultation with your Family Physician – not by Tony Fauci, not by Washington, D.C., not by Baton Rouge.

NO to the Government Wasting Your Money

Your hard earned money should be used for your dreams, your home, your retirement, your security, your personal charities and ministries – not for more counterproductive government programs that generate bureaucracy, reward irresponsibility and penalize hard work.

The People need to win Every Election.

That means No to Dominion; No to Foreign Ownership of Voting Systems; Yes to Real Audits and Paper Ballots.


YES to Faith, Family & Freedom

The solutions to our challenges as a State and Nation, should come first from Citizens, Families and the Church – not Big Government. Our Faith in Jesus, and the Family, are the foundation of Justice and Freedom in Louisiana and America.

YES to the 2nd Amendment

I believe in the fundamental Constitutional Right that helps Protect All Others: the 2nd Amendment Right to Protect our Families and Our Freedom.

YES to Our Values in Education

No to the Transgender’s Agenda. No to Drag Queens telling Stories to Small Children in Public Libraries. No to placing Immoral and Explicit Content in the Curriculum. No to denigrating our Faith and Our Patriotism.

It’s time to Stand Up and Say It:

Our Children.

Our Values.

Recognition for a Valiant Fight

The work of John has been honored, recognized or endorsed by, among others, the Rev. Denny Duron; the NRA; the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles; Woody Jenkins; Rev. Tony Perkins; the Family Research Council; Louisiana Family Forum; Concerned Women for America; The New American, the Official Publication of the John Birch Society; the Constitutional Alliance; Dr. John George, CEO of BRF (formerly Biomedical Research Foundation); the Rev. Randy Harper; Rev. Henry Martin; Rev. Cornell Hamilton; Bishop Larry L. Brandon; Bishop Rickey Jones Moore, Sr.; Bishop J. Anthony Grant; Bishop Jerry L. Maiden, Jr., Trammell, Rev. Terrance Fitzgerald Trammell; Bishop Dennis R. Everett, Sr.; Rev. Linus Mayes; Rev. Barry Kimble; Rev. Calvin Kimble; Rev. Ron A. Hampton; Albert Hardison, former Principal of Walnut Hill School; the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons; and the Supported Living Network (Advocates for Seniors living in their own homes).


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