Fact: Dominion Software = CCP



“Dominion’s machines and Dominion software, as we all know, count the votes in Louisiana elections. FACT, Dominion owns, creates, develops, controls, possesses the software used to count votes in Louisiana elections.”

It is widely know that the Communist Chinese Party owns the private equity firm whose board controls Dominion Software. Furthermore, that software is what is used to count votes in Louisiana. Whether you are a registered Republican, Democrat or Independent, no one wants to surrender to a winner that has to cheat to win. As you listen, you will see that they cut my mic off at the end of my time – but I continued to speak, and will continue to speak if you send me back to Baton Rouge.

Put people in office that you can count on to stand up for what is right. I did it before and I will do it again. You have my word on it.