Partial Transcript: 

Broadmoor Neighborhood Association

September 19, 2023, Forum,

RE:  2020 Presidential Election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Moderator Bill Robertson:

“. . . . Do you accept the results of the 2020 Presidential Election?”

Michael Melerine:

“ . . . . At this point in time, President Biden’s our President. . . . .”

Representative Pressly:

“I agree with that too… (inaudible)”

John Milkovich:

“I’m sorry, what?”

Representative Pressly:

I agree with what Mr. Melerine said that there’s state court issues, and yes, I believe that the 2020 election, unfortunately for my (inaudible) point of view and my side, was . . . President Biden is President.  Just like in 2000, President Bush was, is Pres, was President after the votes were tallied.  And the States have a role, an important role, in making that determination.  And we have to make sure we have fair and just elections.   We certainly need to do that in Louisiana.  It’s important that our folks support, our Secretary of State are making sure that we have fair, safe elections. And that the people that are saying they’re voting, are those people, that there’s an identification process for them. Thank you.”


Kathleen Jennings

[Response on behalf of Chase Jennings]

John Milkovich

“No, I don’t accept that Joe Biden was legally elected. . . . .”

“Because I’ve done some research, and so have many of you, and so have election forensicists across America and this is what they said:  this election was primarily or to a large degree mediated by the Dominion Voting Company. They don’t talk about this. I noticed the candidates tonight didn’t talk about it. Dominion is controlled by the Board of a private equity firm that is owned by the Communist Chinese Party. Did you know that the voting codes, the pass codes, the test codes are owned by a Communist Chinese Company and they are kept in Xiang Xing China by a Communist Chinese owned company. Did you know, and probably many of you did, that Dominion was the election company in use in six of the battleground states where millions of Americans believe the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen. That’s specifically Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada.  And did you know that when people started digging into it, Dominion started launching 1.3 billion dollar lawsuits against their most prominent critics to shut them up.  Ask Sydney Powell.  Ask Rudy Guiliani. Ask Mike Lindell. … Dominion who we trusted, by the way they count the votes in Louisiana, and the candidates said well we know we that have good elections.  No they don’t.  I’ve talked to the technicians that work for the Secretary of State. I asked them do you guys have the codes and the passwords and the testing to actually go into the software of the voting machines to determine whether the totals that were given to us are accurate and not the subject of bribery or rigging the software or hacking the machines or ballot harvesting and their answer to me was:  No we don’t have that, the vendor has it. In other words Dominion has it.  So Secretary of State Ardoin doesn’t know, unless he’s got some inside information, he does not know whether the election results of any Louisiana election are accurate. Maybe other people haven’t wanted to talk about that. That’s the elephant in the room.”


Thomas Pressly did not question the legality or accuracy of the 2020 Presidential Election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

John Milkovich did.


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