You’ve heard the term “stay in your own lane,” – that doesn’t apply to John Milkovich. When you are passionate about your community and see injustices being perpetrated, you are compelled to get involved. John is consistent in seeking ways to make a difference.

Standing Up for the Unborn

While serving as State Senator (2016-2020), Milkovich introduced and helped pass some of the strongest Pro-Life Laws in America, including the landmark Fetal Heart Beat Bill, which drew national attention and prohibited abortions where an infant’s fetal heart beat may be medically detected. (SB184 ’19) Milkovich also introduced and helped pass a Bill banning Abortions 15 weeks Post-Conception (SB¬¬181 ‘18); a Bill that makes it a Crime to sell the body parts of aborted babies for profit or research (SB128 ’17); a Bill which made it a crime to coerce an Abortion (SB534 ’18); a Bill that authorized the shut down of Abortion Mills for the destruction or falsification of Abortion Records–– which could include Destruction of Records that document underage Abortions and Abortions done to conceal human trafficking (SB325 ’18).

Standing with Donald Trump

In 2018, Milkovich wrote a book defending Donald Trump, and exposing the corruption of Robert Mueller and the Deep State efforts to derail Donald Trump’s Presidency–– Robert Mueller, Errand Boy for the New World Order.

John Declared his Public Support of Donald Trump, before & after the 2020 Election:

  • The War on Trump is a War on US, “Mansfield Enterprise,” April 6, 2023
  • Memo to Supreme Court: Theft of Presidential Election Violates the Constitution, December 24, 2020
  • Why I Refuse to Stand Down in My Support of the President, December 7, 2020
  • Open Letter to Louisiana’s Congressional Delegation (Admonition to Congressional Delegation to get off the fence, and Support Donald Trump) “Bossier Press Tribune” January 30, 2019; “Mansfield Enterprise,” March 7, 2019.

100% Pro Life, Pro Family, Voting Record

Milkovich received a 100% Rating on his Voting Record from the Pro Life Louisiana Family Forum, every one of the four years he served in the Senate (2016-2020). Milkovich also received a Life and Liberty Award from Louisiana Family Forum, for introducing and helping pass landmark Pro Faith and Freedom legislation, each of the 4 years he served in the Senate.

Named the State’s Most Fiscally Conservative Senator

Upon election in 2015 and upon being sworn in as State Senator in 2016, Louisiana Legislators inherited a massive State Budget Deficit. This deficit occurred between the time former Gov. Kathleen Blanco left Office with a $1 Billion Surplus in 2008, and Gov. Bobby Jindal left Office with a $1B Budget Deficit for 2016, a looming $2B Deficit for 2017–– and 25 days to solve it. This Deficit threatened Louisiana Universities and LSU-Medical Center in Shreveport. After supporting tax measures in 2016 to bridge the deficit gap, Milkovich undertook a 3 year effort to cut government spending in Louisiana, oppose bloated budgets, and stop tax increases.

In the 2016-2020 term, Milkovich was the only State Senator to go to the Floor of the Senate to propose hundreds of millions of dollars of targeted, specific budget cuts. Milkovich went to the Floor of the Senate in 2017 to propose over $40 Million in targeted, specific spending cuts. (AMDTs 61 & 68 to HB1 ’17). He went to the Floor of the Senate in the 2018 Regular Session, to propose over $250 Million in cuts. (AMDTs 4314, 4315, 4316, 4330 to HB1 ’18). In the 2018 2nd Special Session, he proposed over $320 Million in targeted, specific spending cuts from the Floor. (AMDTs 278-84, 291, 296 to HB1; AMDT 234 to HB34, ’18 2nd Special Session)

Milkovich was the only member of the Senate to vote against every sales tax Increase in 2018. (2018 2nd Special Session, Senate Journal, p. 478-80, 498-501, 672)

Milkovich voted against the bloated State Budget 6 times in 2017, 2018 and 2019–– more times than any other State Senator. (Against, ’17 Regular Session; Against, ’17 2nd Special Session; Against, ’18 Regular Session; Against, ’18 2nd Special Session; Against, ’19, Twice in Regular Session).

Milkovich introduced legislation to require that local tax elections be held on major election dates, to avoid tax increases imposed in low turnout elections. (SB245 ’16) Milkovich also introduced and helped pass a Bill to require the State to post Contracts with Private Vendors on the State Website (SB407 ’16); and a Bill requiring State Agencies to post whether they are renting Office Space from the Private Sector, as opposed to using State-owned property for free. (SCR48 ’17) He introduced a Bill to Study Savings from consolidating Academic and Research Programs in the University System (SCR88 ’17); and Introduced a Bill to require State Retirement Systems to post Fees paid to Investment Managers. (SR123 ’17) He was one of three Senators to Vote Against the Transfer of $15.5M from Wildlife Habitat to Buildings Acquisition. (Against January ’18, Interim Emergency Board Request No. 4) He Voted against allowing Charter Schools to give away School Buildings, paid for by Taxpayers, to Charter Operators (Against HB225 ’19) John Voted Against Multi-Parish Super Taxing Districts. (Against HB208 ’19) He was the only State Senator to Vote Against Judicial Pay Raises in 2019. (Against SB27 ’19) He Voted Against the Use of the Rainy Day State Savings Fund in 2017. (Against SCR 2 ’17 1st Special Session)

In 2019, Dr. John George, CEO of Economic Development firm BRF, (formerly the Biomedical Research Foundation), called Milkovich the most fiscally conservative member of the Louisiana Senate. Stated Dr. George,
“A review of the legislative record demonstrates that Senator John Milkovich ws the most fiscally conservative member of the Louisiana Senate in the last 4 years.” Dr. George has “noted that there was a $1.8B to $2B deficit from the prior administration when Senator Milkovich enterd the legislature in 2016. The Senator voted against a proposed 5-year temporary sales tax to bridge the shortfall, but voted for a 2 ½ year temporary sales tax to prevent the potential closure of colleges and safety net hospitals. As a result, we now have a reported $500 million surplus.” RSHV News, September, 2019.

Confronting Crime–– Head On

No Law-Abiding Citizen or Child Deserves to Live in Fear
John is the Only State Senator in the 2016-20 Term to file Bills Increasing Penalties for Violent Crimes (SB243 ’16; SB428 ’18).
In 2019, John was the only State Senator to Vote to Hold 17 year olds accountable for their criminal conduct. John voted against a Measure which lowers the responsibility of 17 year olds for the crimes they commit. (Against, HB241 ’19) John Voted Against every Measure to Reduce Jail Time for Teens Committing Serious Crimes. (Against, SB324 ’16; Against, SB424 ’16; Against, SB16 ’17; Against, HB241 ’19)
John Voted Against Medical Furloughs for First Degree Murderers. (Againt, SB458 ’18) He Voted Against Reduced Sentencing for Heroin Trafficking (Against, SB220 ’17); Voted Against Reducing Sentence of Juvenile Murderers to 25 years (Against, SB16 ’17); Voted Against making Juveniles Convicted of Murder eligible for Parole after 25 years (Against, SB424 ’16)
He Led the Fight to Stop “Daddy Day Care for 1st Degree Murderers,” a Bill that would have released Murderers for being “Primary Caretakers” (Against, HB264 ’18) He Fought Against Legal Immunity to Bars for Allowing Sexual Assaults on Women. (Against, HB899 ’18)

REAL Insurance Reform

In 2019, the Insurance Industry pushed HB372 as a supposed vehicle to cut Insurance Rates. But there was a problem–– HB372 didn’t guarantee a single cent of premium reductions. HB372 was a fraud. John helped defeat HB372. As a Member of the Senate Judiciary A Committee, John questioned the Author of HB372–– and established that HB372 did not guarantee a single cent of rate reductions:

Senator Milkovich: . . . . Does House Bill 372 give us any guarantee, covenant, assurance, promise, unequivocal assertions that it will reduce rates?
Representative Talbot: It does not . . . . [Lengthy Explanation]
Senator Milkovich: But, I mean the short answer to the question is, is there a statutory mandate in this statute for the insurance companies to cut premiums?
Representative Talbot: No, there is not.
May 7, 2019 Hearing before Senate Judiciary A Committee. Access: > Broadcast Archives > Senate Archives > 2019 > May 7th > Judiciary A. Relevant Discussion begins at 2:47:41 on Time Stamp.

Following the defeat of HB372, similar Insurance Industry-sponsored Bills were passed. In 2019, John warned that the “reforms” pushed by the Insurance Industry, Insurance Lawyers and Insurance Lobbyists were “about corporate profits–– not consumer protection.” John took heat for standing up to the Insurance Industry–– but later events proved him right.

Similar legislation, HB57, was pushed by the Insurance Industry and the Insurance Commissioner in 2020, with Commissioner Donelon testifying HB57 would lower insurance rates by 25%. In fact, 2 years later, auto insurance rates–– instead of dropping 25%–– increased 19% while, according to one Observer, Insurers raked in Billions in Profits. State Farm’s 7.2 Rate Increase in April, 2022, imposed roughly $95.3 Million more in premiums on Louisiana Citizens. Around the same time frame, Commissioner Donelon approved a 14.9% increase for Allstate. In November, 2021, Donleon stated that the 25% drop in rates he testified about before the Legislature was a “pure guess”–– not a promise.

Insurance Companies often structure premiums to increase product sales and maximize profits. For example, Insurers often give lower rates to citizens that purchase multiple lines, in order to get their business–– even where those citizens may have a poor driving record. On the other hand, drivers who purchase little insurance, but have better driving records, may be charged higher premiums.

Thus, the profit-based premiums used by some Insurers, divorce driving behavior from insurance premiums: many bad drivers pay low premiums; many good drivers pay high premiums. Bad drivers may be rewarded–– and Good drivers punished. This Premium System reduces the incentive to drive safely. It effectively rewards those with poor driving records. This System is profitable for Insurers–– but it is dangerous for drivers. And this system is bad for the Rates of good drivers.

Over 15 years ago, Rate increases were not decided by a single person, the Insurance Commissioner alone–– but by several persons: the Insurance Rating Commission. The last 15 years, rates have been decided by a single person–– the Insurance Commissioner.

When I served in the Senate between 2016 and 2020, the Insurance Commissioner never made public the Insurer’s Expenses and Revenues. We don’t know whether the Insurers were barely breaking even–– or making Billions of Dollars in Profits.

Insurance Rates Can Be Cut

  1. We must Tie Insurance Premiums to Safe Driving, so there is an Incentive to Drive Safely. Good Drivers shouldn’t be punished by the bad.
  2. Bring Back the Insurance Rating Commission, so the Rates that affect 4.6 million Louisianans aren’t decided by a single Public Official.
  3. It’s time to put the Insurance numbers on the table, so we know whether Insurers are really taking a beating–– or are making substantial profits.

Protecting Our 2nd Amendment Rights

John is a Life Time Member of the NRA, who received an “A” Rating and an endorsement from the NRA in 2019, after 4 years in the Louisiana Senate. Because we have a Constitutional Right to defend Our Families and Our Freedom.

Fighting Common Core, Demanding School Safety, Standing Up for OUR Values in Education

As Vice Chair of the Senate Education Committee, Milkovich fought to end Common Core; fought to Protect Louisiana Students from immoral content in the curriculum; worked to make Louisiana Schools safe–– and to require Discipline, Respect and Values in education.

In the four years that Milkovich served in the Legislature, there were four bills brought to get rid of Common Core. Milkovich introduced every one of them. (SB330 ’16; SB73 ’17; SB55 ’18; SB128 ’19) Milkovich helped lead the fight to stop introduction of Graphic Sexual Content to children, in elementary and secondary Schools, in a landmark speech against SB85 delivered from the Floor of the Senate in 2017. (See also, OPPOSED HB 402 ’16; SB 297 ’18) Milkovich also introduced legislation to protect students from violent predators and remove Bullies from the Schools (SB158 ’17; SB303 ’18; SB120 ’19); filed a Teachers’ Bill of Rights, to allow Teachers to defend themselves and remove violent students (SB301 ’18); filed Safe School Legislation to remove violent students and allow School Staff with Military or Police Training to Protect Students from armed assaults. (SB298 ’18) Milkovich introduced legislation to enable School Staff to participate in School Prayer. (SB253 ’18) And Milkovich helped amend a House Bill to ensure that job applicants are vetted before going to work at Day Care Centers–– because its imperative to protect small children. (Senate Education AMDT 2265 to HB557 ’17)

Fighting for Seniors, Crime Victims, Professionals & Physicians–– and the Family Farm

Milkovich filed legislation to transfer some Medicaid money from Nursing Home Owners to In Home Health, in order to support the right of seniors to live in their own homes (SB531 ’18); Supported the Right of Seniors to exercise Informed Consent about whether they wished to Live in their Own Homes versus Nursing Homes (SB532 ’18); Spoke out Against Deprivation of Water to the Terminally Ill (SB360 ’16); and Fought to keep LSU-Medical Center open. (SB466 ’16)

John Introduced and Helped Pass SB241 ’16, to enable Families of Crime Victims to Obtain Autopsy Records.
John led an epic fight against Cronyism, Corruption and scheming Bureaucrats–– and for Justice, Due Process and Transparency–– for Physicians and other Professionals. (SB239, ’16; SB260 ’18; SB286 ’18; SB187 ’19)
John Fought for the Family Farm: He defeated excessive regulations on Louisiana Farmers (SB126 ’17); supported the Right of Landowners to kill feral hogs on their own property without permit (SB244 ’16); and Memorialized Congress to adopt Sound Import Policy, to protect the American and Louisianans Beef Industry. (SR120 ’17)

Standing Up and Speaking Out

John supported clean drinking water by opposing a garbage landfill along the headwaters of Cross Lake, Shreveport’s water supply.
John supported public safety of children by contesting alcohol sales across the street from Shreve Memorial’s Broadmoor Library
John supported tax relief for property owners, and spoke out against rollover of Parish property taxes before the Caddo Parish Commission.
John spoke out against excessive property tax burdens on Caddo Parish citizens, and fought a Tax Bond Issue that would have added over $100 million of taxes for Caddo property owners.
John fought to stop the operation of a strip club in downtown Shreveport.
John worked to stop Common Core, and the federal takeover of education.
John stands with those opposing the operation of a liquor store in Stonewall, across Highway 171 from North DeSoto School.
When the ACLU attacked Walnut Hill Principal Albert Hardison for speaking of God, Jesus and Scripture on a School website, John spoke out against the ACLU attack on Mr. Hardison.

Join the Fight

Support John pursuing what’s best for District 38.