The Attacks Upon Me Have Gone From the Ridiculous to Disgraceful


Outside PACs and Special Interests have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on false ads and hit pieces trying to stop John Milkovich and get Thomas Pressly elected. The PAC/Special Interest Narrative is that John Milkovich is a Liberal Rino–– and Thomas Pressly is a True Conservative.

In fact the problem with John Milkovich is not that he’s not conservative enough. The problem is that he’s too conservative. The real problem, for the outside PACs and Special Interests is not that he’s not conservative enough–– but that he’s not controlled enough. The Special Interests want a State Senator that they can control–– and they know that John Milkovich does not take orders from PACs, Special Interests and Lobbyists.

A review of the Record demonstrates that John Milkovich’s stands and work are more aligned with the views of the people of Senate District 38, than the policies of Thomas Pressly.

In 2018, Milkovich wrote a book defending Donald Trump, and exposing the corruption of Robert Mueller and the Deep State attempts to derail Donald Trump’s Presidency. Pressly has received thousands of dollars from the Americans for Prosperity, whose Number 1 objective is to stop Donald Trump. Milkovich has openly declared that the 2020 Presidential Election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was manipulated: “I do not believe that Joe Biden was legally elected.” Pressly declined to challenge the legality of the 2020 Presidential Election between Biden and Trump when explicitly asked about it at a Broadmoor Neighborhood Forum on September 19, stating “President Biden is President.” Milkovich has pushed to re-establish the Caddo Detention Center to get violent youths off the Street. Pressly has not. Milkovich voted 8 times against State Budgets that were $10B less than $45B; was the only State Senator in the 2016-2020 Term to Propose Hundreds of Millions of specific, targeted Spending Cuts; and was named the Most Fiscally Named Conservative State Senator in Louisiana. On June 8, 2023, Pressly voted for a $45B Budget, the largest Budget in Louisiana History. Pressly voted in 2023 to Increase Government Spending for 2022-2023 by $500M; and voted to Increase Government Spending for 2023-2024 by $1.8B. Milkovich has uniformly spoken out against vaccine mandates, and has been endorsed by Stand for Health Freedom. Pressly voted to kill 3 measures in Committee in 2020 and 2021 that could have prohibited Vaccine Mandates– before filing a bill to stop vaccine mandates in 2022. Milkovich has repeatedly testified in public hearings against Dominion Voting Systems. Milkovich spoke out against SB221, possibly the worst election bill in Louisiana history, which makes it easier to commit and conceal election fraud; paves the way for the Secretary of State to give a Voting Machine contract to Dominion; does not require paper ballots or audits; does not require that the Secretary of State possess the codes and passwords to Dominion Voting Software; does not fire Dominion; does not preclude foreign ownership of Voting Machines and Software used in Louisiana elections. Pressly took no action to get rid of Dominion. Pressly voted for SB221. There were 4 bills filed to get rid of Common Core in the 2016-2020 term. John Milkovich filed every single one of them. Pressly has received thousands of dollars from a pro Common Core PAC, Stand for Children– and took no action to get rid of Common Core. Milkovich brought School Safety Legislation to hold Bullies Accountable and protect victims of Bullying; to authorize School Staff with police or Military training to use firearms to protect students from active and/or mass shootings; and a Teacher’s Bill of Rights which would have empowered teachers to remove violent students and physically protect themselves and students from dangerous students. Pressly brought no similar School Safety Legislation. Milkovich brought multiple bills to attack Corruption and Cronyism in Louisiana’s Licensing Boards. Pressly brought none. Milkovich has been endorsed, recognized or honored by multiple, nationally recognized Traditional Values Organizations, including the NRA, the Rev. Tony Perkins, the Family Research Council, the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, the Constitutional Alliance, the Concerned Women of America, the New American, the Official Publication of the John Birch Society, the Louisiana Family Forum.