Vaccine Health – 2021 Baton Rouge Committee Address


This video is from 2021 where I presented in front of the Health and Welfare Committee in Baton Rouge on the topic of vaccine health. The facts shared are not easy to hear, but they are documented truth. Hervé Seligmann, a former Research Associate at Louisiana State University in the Department of Biological Sciences and later Professor from Aix-Marseille University, stated that in studying the data, the death rate of those that were vaccinated in the 65+ age group, is over 40x higher versus those that died from the virus. In the under 65 age group, the death rate from the vaccine is 260x higher compared to the death rate from the actual virus. Those are astounding numbers.
Due to social media restrictions, I am unable to state the exact vaccine I am referencing regarding “Vaccine Health” but you know the one. Furthermore, has there ever been a greater contradiction in terms?! Vaccine Health. Many of you have noticed some people are starting to wear masks again. Why? The resurgence of discussion surrounding the next “plan-demic” is being greatly promoted. Yes, I know the proper term is pandemic, but more and more independent thinkers have come to the realization, that the shutdown of the world is considered more of a “plan-demic.” This madness cannot begin again. We should not and must not expose our children to the numerous health risks associated with this issue. To the over 65 crowd, do you want to live out your Golden Years dealing with medically induced additional physical hardships? No! So what do we do? Individually, I believe we should pray and make healthier choices. As a Community, we can put people in office that will stand up to those that push their agenda onto God-fearing people. Send a voice to Baton Rouge that will fight to defend your right to choose what medical treatments you want, not what is forced on you. I am John Milkovich and I did it before, and I can do it again. You have my word on it.